About Us

Key to Lion’s Heart Rescue was founded in January 2018 in honor of Lion, a dog we loved and lost, who made a tremendous impact on so many lives. Lion was dumped at a very high kill shelter where his time was up. Without knowing his past, he was pulled by a rescue and placed into a home.  Lion was then moved 9 times over the course of one year in an effort to find the right home. Unfortunately, the second to last move was the one that forever changed his soul. Just like people, dogs have a breaking point and Lion had been through more in one year than any dog should ever go through in a lifetime. His last move was to a home where he was loved and cared for by a handful of people, his advocates for many months.  Unfortunately, it was too late.  The pain and suffering he had endured in some of the pevious places was more than Lion could overcome. The light in his eyes was gone and he was suffering. In the arms of the people who loved him dearly, we whispered our goodbyes and told him how much we loved him. Humans had failed him.  As we kissed him goodbye, we promised Lion that we would do our best to ensure no dog would ever have to endure what he had in his last year. At that moment, we dedicated ourselves to unlocking hope for all dogs by giving a little piece of our hearts to every single one that we can save. 

Our Mission

Key to Lion’s Heart Rescue’s is a 501(c)(3) rescue. Our mission is to help save lives of animals that are in shelters or abusive and neglectful situations and give them a chance in life as well as educate the community on animal welfare. We are a foster and volunteer based rescue and rely solely on donations and fundraising to care for our dogs.

Through our foster program we provide a loving, nurturing and safe environment for all our animals and address all their needs. We provide all our animals while in our care with vaccines, micro-chips, heartworm test and alter when age appropriate. We provide rehabilitation and training to those in need and work with all our dogs to prepare them for adoption into responsible and loving homes.
Through our outreach program we aim to educate the community and our youth about the importance of animal welfare, proper nutrition and the importance of spay/neuter. We will work with the youth by going into the schools and inviting students to participate in our community fundraisers and events. We want them to be a part of the mission to end cruelty and the over population of animals in the shelters. It is our youth that will help change the future of animal welfare.

Athena Danae - Founder

Athena’s life in rescue began in 2011 as a foster mom and continued to foster for various rescues for the next 7 years. After fostering hundreds of dogs she followed her dream in starting her own rescue. Her passion to help homeless animals along with an amazing team around her has built the foundation to a rescue that focuses on saving many lives. Athena works full time to make sure her 4 personal dogs have everything they need as well as run and operate the rescue. She is a huge advocate for the dogs and will continue to be their voice.